Good MONDAY morning to you all!
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Today I am sharing with you round TWO of my sweet and gorgeously simple nightgowns that I make for the three girls and I each summer.
As I was going through their summer PJ stash I realized each girl needed a couple more pairs of PJ’s, and immediately remembered the stash of beautiful pillowcases and sheets that I have been picking up since last Fall at the thrift store or garage sales.
So, whipping out my trusty sewing machine, and my steelie crochet hooks,  I whipped up five gorgeous, feminine summer nightgowns for the Littles, Big Kid, and myself.
And it only took me just under two hours.
No worries, if you don’t crochet, you can always buy lace to make the straps or decorate with.
And if you don’t want to buy anything other than the pillowcase or sheets, then you can simply fashion straps out of the leftover scraps of material, and voila—you have a beautiful nightgown.
Here are some pics of the ones that I made last night.
Just a simple pillowcase with thin straps sewed onto the top edge that is folded over.
I want a shot of the front of her nightgown, she wants everyone to see the bandaid. 🙂
two pillowcases @25 cents each = pure cuteness.
my oldest asking if I was taking a shot. Yep. Sneaky mom.
Very feminine. Made from half a twin sheet, and some thread crochet lace. And yes, another sneaky shot.
up close on the lace—two different patterns for straps and edging.
pintucking in back to tailor the fit of the dress. Simple, fast, and very beautiful.
As you can see in the last one, I added a little touch of boutique shaping simply by folding the material and “pin tucking” it, which is where you fold in pleats that are held down by pins, then sew over the pleats (rather than gathering it by machine or by pulling threads).
Want to know how to make one?
Click the link below to go directly to my last post with a simple picture tutorial you can follow.
Oh, and by the way, these gorgeous nightgowns cost me $1.75 for three pillowcases and a flat sheet, $3 for the crochet thread (which made far more things than just the straps of course) and less than $2 for the thread. So all in all, these are inexpensive and beautiful, and if you have ANYONE in your life that would like one, start scavenging sales and thrift stores for like-new pillowcases and sheets. It is just amazing what you can find when you know what to look for. 🙂
See you back here tomorrow for a fun smoothie recipe that is perfect
for those spring-into-summer days!
Blessings to you and yours,