What an incredible weekend it has been here around the
real life Welcoming House! I accomplished something that I have been working towards
for almost a year….I celebrated a one year anniversary of being in home
I prayed to have for 9 years…

I baked six loaves of bread…

One absolutely gorgeous cinnamon roll ring..

and made up a bunch of Coffee Creamers for cheap from my Master Mix Way Ebook, which has over 100 recipes and variations on how to save money in the kitchen using your own mixes rather than prepackaged ones.
If you were around last week you know that we talked about how to make
Simple Emergency Candles
out of the things you have on hand around the home, or out of things that are easily acquired,
such as vegetable shortening or olive oil.
And that post ended up being the single highest hit post we have ever had
in ONE DAY here at The Welcoming House.
We had 1300 readers enjoy that post between Monday morning and Tuesday morning.
All I can say to that still is WOW. Honestly, I never anticipated that,
because while I thought it was a great idea, it seemed so simple to me, and neat that you could do it from home
without a lot of time, effort or expense.
I guess a lot of other people thought so too!
So, while I know today’s post isn’t as cool as making candles out of Crisco, it is really neat because these are things you can make, at home, with a little time, effort, and creativity. Because let’s face it, we are a nation that lives on caffeine.
We love our lattes, and our macchiatos.
We love our carmel high-rises, and our loaded hot chocolates.
But with money growing tighter by the day in the budgets of so many families, many of us are having to give up the things that we enjoy, to keep the things that are necessary.
In my E-book titled
“The Master Mix Way”
there is an entire chapter dedicated to drink mixes you can make yourself…
and my favorite part of the chapter?

How to make your own specialty creamers

that taste like you spent a million bucks,

but really only cost you pennies to make.

Β those recipes come right after the amazing recipefor a homemade Chai tea mix that is to die for.
But, I digress.
In the last chapter of the book I don’t give you ONE…or even TWO…or even THREE recipes
to make your own specialty creamers.
I give you TEN.
With names like
Sweet Cinnamon Roll Creamer
Chocolate Amaretto Creamer….
or how about
Caramel Divinity Creamer?
And they taste JUST AS GOOD as they sound.
So today, because I love you,Β and because I want you to have a taste (literally)
of the amazing book I have sweated, and cried,
and given up sleep writing just for you,
I am sharing a single recipe from those creamers here, today. It has been available for almost 8 years, and has sold A LOT of copies, with 5 star ratings over and over and over again. You can read some under the SHOP tab here, and again, if you missed the link, here is how you can get your own copy for ONLY FIVE DOLLARS
Get an eyeful of these three creamers waiting for use this weekend.


Best of all, I made it.
Little Heather on the Prairie.

And the cost was SO MUCH LESS than what I would spend for a $4 bottle of creamer at the store, that would barely get me through the week before I had to restock.

I have made these before, as Christmas gifts, but seriously, its been a long time.
So, if you are on my Christmas list, guess what you are getting?

If I can restrain myself from drinking it all.

Here is the recipe for this amazing, Pumpkin-y Spicey Creamer.
Perfect for a hot cup of joe, on a cold fall-ish morning.

Pumpkin Spice Creamer master mix

1 cup instant coffee creamer
1 cup powdered sugar
1/2 cup instant dry milk
3 tsp pumpkin pie spice
(oh wait, there is a master mix for that in the book too! LOL)
1 tsp ground cardamom
2 tsp clear vanilla extract.

Whisk all the dry ingredients in a mixer or a bowl, then add in the liquid extract. You will see it clump a little (when I first made these I was outrageously worried about adding a tsp of liquid to something that was supposed to be powder. Silly me.), but if you quickly run it through a food processor, blender, hand stick blender it, or even a coffee grinder, it quickly becomes a smooth, silky powder that smells…well….exactly like the stuff you pay an arm and a leg for in the store.

Something I found very interesting?

No pumpkin anywhere to be found, and yet, when you have this creamer, it tastes exactly like it.
Now, if you happen to love pumpkin like I do, stirring in a tsp of pumpkin puree into your coffee just enhances the flavor, and you wont notice a thing. But for those of you who have issues with anything in your coffee cup but coffee and possibly a flavoring, just try this, enjoy it, and make up a bunch to give your friends.

With a single regular size container of Powdered coffee creamer, a bag of powdered sugar, about 2 cups of dry milk, and various seasonings and extracts, all of which cost me less than $16 (a month’s worth of liquid coffee creamer around here), I was able to make up
20 jars
of various types of instant coffee creamers.

Creamers such as Chocolate Mint, Hazelnut, Coconut Dream, and White Chocolate.
And each jar holds about 2 cups worth of creamer, which,
when you use it 2 Tbs at a time,
well………you do the math.

That is a lot of creamer to have on hand for gifts, company, etc.
And at less than $1 a jar, I think it is an amazing thing to make yourself.

Many Blessings to you and yours,

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