Good morning to you!
What a lovely weekend it was around the Welcoming House!
Spring has finally Sprung, and with that has come kittens, and baby bunnies, and lots of t-shirt and shorts kinda weather. We went from crazy snow just a week ago to the mid 70’s this weekend, and the kiddos at the real Welcoming House spilled out the doors and played with abandon.
And so did their mom and dad. 🙂
But that is NOT what today is about! More (actually TONS of pics) coming tomorrow of such cuteness that you will be on cute overload for the rest of the week.
Today we are talking about how to make a simple tummy bag/boo boo bag that is a wonderful gift for new moms.
I don’t know about you, but being a first-time mom was NOT all it was cracked up to be. Not to say that holding that precious newborn in my arms was not worth every second spent getting through the pregnancy, or that I didn’t stand and watch her while she slept and wonder about miracles….or any of the absolutely beautiful things about having a newborn under your roof.
But my first baby had colic. And quickly those wonderful moments became buried under the astounding times of non-stop crying, and my precious little girl curled up in a ball screaming.
Or the hours walking the floor jiggling her, rotating her legs in an endless bicycle circle to help with the cramps, or a zillion other endless routines in an attempt to do ANYTHING that would help my precious child get a break from it.
Now those days are years past, and while I remember them, the edges are softened. But I have such compassion for mammas in the same spot. Colic is one of those things they mention in the baby book, but it scarcely prepares you for the true reality of it when it is your child and you are helpless to change it. Ease it maybe, but certainly not change it.
Along with motherhood comes the certainty that at some time in the future, when that precious and sleeping newborn grows up and begins to walk, then run, then ride their sled down the stairs at 50 mph,
And those two reasons are what today’s simple picture tutorial
are all about.
The same simple trick can ease one, and help with the other.
If you can stitch a straight line, you can make this.
Heck, if you can hand-sew you can make this, and I know some of you will.
Two bags, one containing rice with an herbal remedy mix, and the other a super soft cover that feels wonderful against Baby’s (or crying child’s) skin.
I KNOW you can make this.
Because I did. 🙂
Come back tomorrow for our ‘Burbstead update on how Spring has Sprung here at The Welcoming House. Pictures of cuteness are promised. 🙂
Blessings to you and yours,
“Boo-Boo Bags”
First, pick two different fabrics. One that is tough and will wear well, such as jean fabric or heavy woven fabric. And one that is soft and snuggly, such as flannel or fleece. If you choose flannel, be sure to wash first as it will shrink over time otherwise.
Second, mix the following in a bowl and set aside:
3 cups white rice

1 tsp lavender oil, and vanilla extract.


Next, choosing the heavier fabric, cut two 8X10 rectangles out of it, making sure your lines are straight. A ruler works well for this step, or a simple box bottom.
Taking your machine, or trusty needle and thread, put the right side (side that will be facing out) of each piece against one another so that the inside is what you will be stitching on. Sew three sides and part of the fourth side, leaving enough that you can easily stick your hand in and turn the piece inside out.
Turn the piece right-side out and fold down the portion of the edges that were left unstitched until you have a folded area that is equal to the seam it connects.


Take a funnel, and fill the bag with the rice and herbal/oil mix:

Pin the opening well, matching the fold with your seam. Stitch the fold together on the top, sealing the rice mix inside the bag. You might need to use a book to hold the bag up so that your stitches are even and it doesn’t put unneeded stress on your sewing machine.

Take the soft fabric and sew it the same way, wrong sides together, using a simple stitch, and leaving a space where you can reach in a turn it inside out.

Turn it inside out, and gently work the bag of herbal mix into the case of soft fabric.
Again, fold the un-stitched area over until you have matched the seams,
and stitch it closed completely on your sewing machine.
April 2013 218

Trim ends of thread and there you are.

Best parts about this?
It can be heated in a microwave.
If you don’t have a microwave, you can lay it on a cookie sheet and heat on low until it reaches desired temperature.
It can also be put into the freezer, and chilled for those inevitable skinned knees and black eyes of childhood. Or for moms when you are weaning your baby and need a cold pack.
Heck, let’s be honest, this baby can end up being moms,
for sore shoulders, and necks, and headaches and………………
a zillion other uses.And they are so easy to make that you can make up a couple in an hour, to have on hand.