Happy Monday, everyone!

 I am very excited about the week ahead of us here on the Welcoming House blog. Today I am fulfilling my promise to put up recipes for making your own crackers, tortillas, and english muffins. It is SO nice to have some bread alternatives to have around the house…and I promise, once you make your own version of these three items, adding in your favorite spices, or fresh ground corn flour, or slathering on jelly to an english muffin you made yourself, you will wonder WHY YOU NEVER MADE THESE BEFORE.

   Each item is SO simple to make, takes pennies to create, and yet we pay a ridiculous amount in the store for processed, shelf-stable, versions of these products. If you have never had any of these homemade, you are most certainly in for a treat.

   But that is not the only reason I am excited about the week ahead of us! I have lined up a week of guest posters like I have never done before, asking friends and fellow bloggers to share their stories about what they have been facing in their parts of the nation—almost like a grass-roots look at real people, with real stories, and real advice to share with the rest of us on how different disasters have changed their outlook, and preparations on dealing with them. I know with the wildfires in Colorado, these things are near and dear to my heart, and we should be aware that our lives can change in a second….or slowly over a month of time. 🙂 So there is your sneak peak for the postings on tomorrow and the rest of the week! 🙂

   I will be sharing one basic recipe for each of these products, and then giving you links for each one at the bottom of the post to check out the myriad of variations of each one! Be sure to click on those and see what I have for you!

This is the primary recipe that I use, and the entire write up can be found by clicking here: 
How to Make Your Own Crackers 

The possibilities with this recipe are just endless, although I would like to state, that I do not make round crackers, but instead just roll the dough into a 9X13 rectangle and then cut into squares with a pizza cutter. These are crisp, and if you substitute butter for even a little of the oil, they are very reminiscent of a cross between wheat thins and Club crackers. Please see below for all the other links to different cracker variations, including Saltines and Butter Crackers.Crackers Links:
Make your own Crackers Site One–great cheese crackers recipesKinda Like Club Crackers recipesALMOND MEAL crackers—nummy nummy nummy

Make Your Own Graham crackers–these are kid tested and APPROVED

Home made Saltines–easy as can be!

For the Ritz Crackers Fans 🙂


click here for another great recipe

This was covered in one of my series a couple months ago, and by clicking the link below you head directly to that page. Scroll down for the recipe.
Click here for my post on making your own tortillas 

  and then finally:


in this recipe, which comes from Country Living, you need to let the dough rise so your muffins have that characteristic texture and taste, with lots of nooks and crannies for  the butter. I throw everything in my mixer, let it do the work, shape, and let rise while I am drinking coffee or tending kids. Once you begin to make these on your own, you will never go back to the store bought again, as they are just that good. Here is the original place I got my recipe and directions from:

Make Your Own Incredible English Muffins

for a few more links, such as Alton Brown’s recipe for them,
another basic recipe with pictures you will drool over, 
and a fantastic Whole Wheat recipe

Just click the links.

Be sure to bop back on over here tomorrow so that you can start hearing from the first-hand stories of our guest posters on living through the derecho, dealing with the drought conditions in our nation, and what YOU can do when faced with the same situations.
There is always hope, even in the darkest of situations, right?

Many blessings to you and yours,