Good Make-It-Yourself Monday to you!
Today we are going to talk about how we make our own liquid hand soap, and stretch it for 3 months worth of five people washing their hands 
all day long!
Sound crazy? Well, its not! Just standard practice around here at The Welcoming House as we try to make everything stretch as far and as long as we can, just like our paychecks! With finances getting tighter and tighter each month as things change so rapidly, I am SO THANKFUL that we started to implement things years ago that now are second nature for us.
I hope that some of the tips I share can help you too, shave pennies off of your family’s budgets so that you have a little more wiggle room!
For today’s post I am using soap from Kleine’s Country Farm and Bales over on Etsy! You will find the link to her store at the bottom of the post. She makes the most amazing soaps and lipbalms, all from home, and they are so good for your skin! Around Christmas I bought bars of soap for gifts and stocking stuffers, and just couldnt bear to part with the Gingerbread Soap because it smelled just so good. I am glad to use it in such a wonderful and frugal way to I can smell it for the next three months when everyone washes their hands!
Here is the picture tutorial for you! Enjoy!
take the soap of your choice, and grate, either by hand or using a food processor.


love how beautiful this looks………and it smells SOOOOO good!


Playing with your products is part of the fun……..


use a funnel, a quart jar, and the bowl of grated soap….


does this need explanation?


fill the quart jar with boiling water from your tea kettle, and swirl the grated soap around…

January 2013 139

let this sit overnight, and you will have runny soap.
Now for the final step and a couple ideas.
Some of you may be wondering why in the world I would make liquid soap this way rather than just buying a jug of liquid soap at the store.
And those of you why have been following this blog for a while know my first answer already:
Because I can.
Ha ha. But really, there are a couple simple reasons.
I have family members with super sensitive skin. That is why I make my own laundry detergent, and my own natural cleaners. When I make this stuff, and I KNOW we can use the soap, I know it will be okay with sweet little two year old hands, and the hands of my Handy Hubby who is prone to having cracked fingers with this crazy cold winter months we have on the prairies.
The other reason is because I know I can take it one more step from here, and make that liquid soap go another couple months, simply by using a handsoap dispenser that creates foam out of liquid soap.
We have had the same one for two years, and my initial investment was for less that $2.00. While using my bar of soap, albeit boutique soap, to demonstrate this wonderful tutorial for you, I can still make that single quart jar of liquid soap go for another 3 months, using every drop, taking care of my family’s hands, and supporting my friend’s business simply by using that foaming soap dispenser. I use a ratio of 1/4 cup liquid soap to the rest hot water, and it makes an amazing creamy soap for your hands. How much you use depends on the size of your container, so start with 2 Tbs to fill of Hot water, and go up from there. 🙂
Now, if you don’t have anyone with sensitive skin in your family, you can shop around and catch the fantastic sales they have every 3 months on beauty products, such as soap, when they change the labels on the soap and have to clearance out the ones that are on the shelf to make room for the new ones. Dont believe me? Start paying attention to the end caps and clearance aisles or areas at your local grocery or big box store. There are ALWAYS beauty items there, and why? Because the companies can afford to sell them at a loss so as to keep the packaging fresh and appealing to the customer.
OR, you can simply support a small, home-based business like my friend Chelsea’s, just like I do, and know you are getting the best, and the most, for your money….and supporting a family in the meantime.
I hope you have a wonderful Monday! Tomorrow I will be sharing recipes for you using my WonderMill, Wednesday is our 4th link up of the year (and it is SO HARD TO CHOOSE this time around with so many entries), and the week just keeps getting better from there!
 Hope to see you back then!
Check out Kleine’s Country Farm and Mini-Bales over on Etsy!!
Many Blessings to you and yours,