Do you see this man?
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Yes. You are laying eyes on the Handy Hubby who is forever immortalized in my blog posts about all the happenings around the Welcoming House.
Give him a project, and he can do it. In short order. And it is always well done, thought through, and even if he has NO EXPERIENCE making it, he will figure it out, and,
in his own words: “Get ‘er done”.
Let me show you just one single project that he has been working on around the home today.
(Yes that means there are more but this is the only one I took a picture of)
That set of rabbit cages on the left.
He made them.
All of it.
He made the cages from scratch.
He made the frame from lumber he planned, bought and/or used
from our scrap pile from other projects.
 Each cage is separate, and can be removed if we need
to transport the rabbits somewhere.
And well-built.
But that is not what I am most excited about today.
It is this bread.
Before you begin to think we are rednecks…..
.just know this little wood stove is a tangible sign of love 
from that Handy Hubby to his adorable, and oh-so-busy wife.
He loves my homemade bread, and with the crazy hot weather around here,
I have not been baking because I don’t want to heat up the house.
We do not have central air yet, just window air conditioners,
so in an effort to save money and energy, I have been doing whatever it took
to make things stay nice for the four of us who are home all day in the heat.
When he finally asked why we had to buy bread, the very next morning he was outside with our “adopted son”, Cale, and they were tinkering with the small wood stove he normally uses in the Man Cave every fall and winter to keep that space cozy and warm.
Next thing I know they are leading me outside, and this is what I see.
THEY didnt know they could,
or even IF it would work,
but we put a batch of bread on to rise, and this is the result, in pictures.
Take one warmed up stove that has been rigged up to run un-attached to a furnace…
 Make sure you have a grate to set the bread pans on–kinda important not to overlook this part, and then have a hot oven, but no way to bake anything in it…….
 Gotta check the bread with a flashlight since its gotten dark outside. Sounds hollow when thumped, so it must be done.
Voila. Absolutely perfect bread. No ashes on it (perfect draft). Lovely brown crispy crust. I let the men try it first since they worked so hard, and we all gave it a thumbs up.
About a million times.
So for the rest of the summer, we can bake bread, as usual,
twice a week, and never heat up the house.
So…….. you think it will do brownies? LOL
Happy Monday Morning to you all
and many blessings to you and yours,