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One of the questions I get a lot is about what we eat.
As in, “How do you make that meal?”
Or “You eat beans? 
And how do you make them so that your family likes them?”
Or: “I can’t believe that you feed your family on such a small amount each month.What do you make for meals?”
Or any of a thousand variations.
I am aware that it is difficult to find tried and true recipes that are not only easy to eat, but can come straight from your food storage. I decided that for the next couple Mondays, we are going to go back to the basics for a little bit and share what I feed my family every week, along with links to recipes, so you can follow along and hopefully get some inspirations.
A little word: for our family, meal planning is essential. Having a plan and working off of it is one of the keys to living well on a small grocery budget. It means that when you are going grocery shopping, you are working with both your pantry/storage, and a very carefully crafted plan of what your family likes to eat. Leftovers are even crafted into other meals so that there is little to no waste of food sitting in your fridge aging past edibility.
I welcome your questions, or even your comments about meals your family loves and that you plan for.
 I am also going to direct you back to the 6 week series I wrote last year about how to live a healthy and full life in many ways, on a very small budget. You will find the link for “Making DO without Missing a Thing…” at the end of the post today.
Check back tomorrow for a fabulous post on making a pizza in a Bundt pan that is fabulous, healthy, and will feed a crowd.
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This week we are only doing meals for dinner as I know that many of you work and therefore do not need three meals a day to feed your family, just dinner ideas.
Tuesday:  Softshell Tacos with avocado and mock sour cream
Wednesday: Spaghetti with meat and veggie sauce, garlic breadsticks, and ice cream
Thursday: Chicken Crunch Salad (salad mix, parmesan croutons, diced chicken fingers, sliced hardboiled eggs, onion rings and various veggies over the top with choice of dressing)
Friday: Veggie Alfredo with Garlic Bread (homemade noodles, alfredo sauce, and a large bag of frozen mixed veggies, with onion dices added)
Saturday: Pizza Bake (tune in tomorrow for this recipe)
Sunday’s Meal is from a post we just saw on Pinterest: 
Here is another great meal plan that include three days of meals if you live in a warmer climate and are looking for warmer weather meals: Click here for that post from last year…
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