Well here it is folks, where the rubber meets the road.

HOW do you use all that lovely food storage I told you about…

WHAT do you use it in……

And HOW MANY meals can you make off that food storage.


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Seriously, this is where the fun begins.

You see, people are totally fine with buying all this stuff and sticking it in a closet, but when it comes time to use it, the creativity flows OUT the window, and leaves you wondering whether to have oatmeal or Pork and Beans for dinner. Yep. I have walked a mile in those shoes, at one time, and now, we pretty much live off of our food storage, rotating, and creating, and adding new things, etc.


So I personally feel well qualified to share what we do with you.

I just hope you are ready for it.

Some of my suggestions are going to be pretty simple, as in you-can-figure-out-how-to-make-pancakes-if-you-follow-this-link, and others will be links that take you to other places here on the Welcoming House that give you ideas we have already covered in depth.





We will be dealing with breakfast today, and covering a few ideas I have on how to use up that month of food storage for a family of four….


If you are wondering what list we are all talking about, you might want to start back on Day one, where we talked about beginning a food storage and why. Go from there to Day two, where we talk about the top three mistakes folks make when starting or living with food storage. Day three was next with starting to add food storage in a quick manner (a full month for a family of four in five weeks). Day Four was how to do it a little more slowly for those of you who have more limited finances and want more variety. Day Five was an awesome idea on Food storage from my friend Sharon, over on Facebook.


And that brings you up to today so then you can come back and get started right here.



Now, for those of you awesome readers who have been waiting for this ending of the series, here we go!


Breakfast Ideas Using the Turbo Food Storage pack 

And adding Eggs for your grocery list (eggs are a cheap source of protein, but if you want to make sure you are not without them, either purchase on sale and freeze them in ice cube trays, or spring for a couple cans of freeze dried instant egg powder, which cooks up very very well).

In this list, Eggs are the ONLY thing you will be adding to a list at all. If you wanted to beef up something more, you could consider adding a meat source, such as frozen sausage or other breakfast meat, or for taste, adding frozen cheese. However, these are not necessary.:


 (regular, oatmeal, potato, fruit added, chocolate chip)


(any kind of fruit you have you can think up a variation, chocolate chip, oatmeal struesel topped)


(again, oatmeal is a basic that you can add any kind of fruit to, you can add dry milk to for creamy oatmeal, you can top with jelly or jam)


( great way to sneak in a few veggies, especially in a chocolate one, or to have a quick breakfast with the dry milk, any additions you want to add such as canned fruit, or flavorings/spices)


(make the bread with the flour, yeast and other simple ingredients, and serve a couple slices, covered with peanut butter and jelly for breakfast. Toss in a couple cups of hot chocolate made with water and dry milk added for that extra creamy touch, and you are set for a quick breakast.)


(what? You have not heard of these? well dear parents, this is a huge favorite here at this house, and is based off of peanut butter, oatmeal, raisins, and a few other ingredients. Make them chock full of healthy stuff and low on the sugar, brush the tops with a little honey before baking, and I promise you, the kids will never have a clue you are using food storage to make them.)


(use your flour or cornmeal to make tortillas, meanwhile cook up some rice, eggs, and beans, and top that breakfast burrito off with some cheese or salsa if you have it. If not, this is a filling breakfast, and can be made ahead and frozen when you have a little extra time and space. Then its a breakfast on the go.)


(make the bread, fry in the pan with some oil, and break the egg into the hole in the toast. My kids love it, your family will too. Be sure to serve with some fruit on the side for a filling meal.



(here is the recipe for making your own English muffins, then top with eggs and meat scrambled together. Broil for a few minutes in the oven and serve piping hot with a cup of hot sweetened tea or coffee, or hot chocolate for the kids.


Hot Cereal

(remember those boxes of hot cereal you bought?)Well, depending on what you purchased for sweetening, these can be topped with jam, fruit, molasses, make your own brown sugar from molasses and white sugar, oatmeal struesel crumble, or even eaten in a savory fashion with butter and salt. Best part is, whatever is leftovers that no one eats? Make muffins the next day and bake the leftover cereal into it for an added texture that makes for a heartier and more filling muffin.


Cans of fruit, flour mixed with milk, shortening, sugar and salt that is crumbled over the top. Yep. Best breakfast ever, and it sticks with the kids. Wondering about filling them up for a big day ahead? Add oatmeal of leftover hot cereal to the topping, and it is a heartier but delicious cobbler.


Instant Breakfast Drink

Remember these? yeah you bought them for those crazy mornings you were running out the door. Grab one and go, but be sure to throw in a little extra milk powder to beef up the protein and calories for you.


Eggs, flour, salt and water is all it takes to make crepes. Well, that and a blender. But with a little time and patience, you can have some amazing crepes for hungry kids, all oozing out homemade pie filling from canned fruit.


Let’s face it, rice pudding in all its custardy glory, chock full of rice, and milk and eggs, and raisins is everyone’s dream. But did you know it is actually pretty darn good for you too? Add some cinnamon, and lower the sugar, and it is a good start to the day. 🙂


Potatoes and Eggs

You know those boxes potato meals we had you pick up for the storage pack? well, take out one of the seasoning packets and set it aside. Cook the potatoes in water for a few minutes as the package says, and then drain them. Heat up some oil in a skillet, throw in those potatoes with some our your chosen seasonings, and mix eggs with some powdered milk (I use up to 1/2 cup of milk for the eggs). Heat it all up until it is sizzling and finished, and serve. Warning though, this will make you want to have bacon on hand. 🙂


So now that that has given you some ideas, I want you to count them.




16 ideas.

What does that mean? That means you make all this once, then repeat it a second time, throwing out what you like the least (one meal) and you have made breakfast for an entire month.

All out of food storage.

Good job.


Like I told you, not as hard as you think. Best part is, this will keep those tummies fed in your family, and everyone happy, and not bored with their food if they have to live off of it.

And you know, there are a lot more ideas on this blog for using food storage for breakfast. I would search for the terms breakfast, food storage, or frugal meals. Just a hint for all of you who want more ideas and recipes.


Tomorrow come back as we tackle lunch and dinner ideas, and hear from a reader who has adapted her recipes to using food storage!


If you have an idea for a meal using the list we covered in day three, just leave it in the comments and I will add it! Thanks a million and have a wonderful day!

Blessings to you and yours,

~Heather <3