Happy Monday to you all!
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If you are reading this on Monday morning, then somewhere, I am doing a large happy dance with two crazy toddlers
whose hair is bouncing all over the place,
and a Big Kid who is counting her coins to see if she can “buy one”,
and “Mr. Awesome” who is telling everyone he knows that they should get their fannies over here and purchase
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If you are reading this, Monday morning,
you are witness to a true miracle in the life of a 
30-something housewife, teacher, mother, and author
who has spent a good part of her life praying to get to this moment.
My book, The Master Mix Way,
is now available for purchase through E-junkie.
If you look over to your right, top of the column, you will see a gorgeous copy of the cover of the book. If you click there, it will take you right to my page, here on
The Welcoming House
where you can choose to either purchase the  PDF version of the book
(which is readable on anything other than Kindle, etc)
you can purchase the MOBI version of the book
(Which is formatted–to the best of my ability–for reading on any E-device).
OR, you can just look at the top of the blog and head over there by clicking the E-Book tab at the top left hand side of the blog header.
That will take you to the page to order it.
Any issues with your download, please email me directly by clicking the Contact Me button over on the top right of the heading bar. I will be monitoring things all day to make sure there are no issues. Since I have never done this before, I am sure there will be little blurbs here and there, but I am praying for nothing else.
If you are here to just cheer me on, pray for that too. 🙂
What else is going on here?
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Well, we are still flying down the track, entering the last mile of the race in the Grain Mill Wagon Challenge. Our numbers look excellent, but everyone else is running for that same grand prize package of two new grain mills (one WonderMill and one Wondermill Jr–non electric).
I dont even need to mention the $100 in cash that comes along with that, do I?
Well, you all have been incredibly supportive readers, and commentators,
friends I am proud to call my peeps,
as you have shared,
and commented,
liked, twittered,
and pinned to your heart’s desire.
Truly, it takes a village to complete some things, 
and I am thankful you have been with me on this crazy journey to here.
I want you to know, this is the very first thing I have ever done that will bring in any sort of income from my blogging. Everything I have done, up to now, has been because I wanted to share with you a way that made things possible and easier for me. Even though I have run Google ads since March, I have not yet seen a dime from that. (and it has caused more headache than not, BUT I am giving it a year, as I do most things)
But I also understand, as the blog has grown,
it is harder and harder for many of you
 to find the posts that you read and went back to,
that for some of you,
the many pieces of paper where you wrote stuff down,
became too much and you gave up trying to keep it all in one spot.
Please forgive me.
Truly, in my desire to make this available, I kinda forgot that means you need to do a lot of looking, searching, and going back into the archives.
SO, one of the things I am going to be doing over the next couple months is offering a few small E-books here and there, never more than $5 each, that collects some of those most popular series, recipes, etc, into one place for you. Series such as Making DO Without Missing a Thing, Growing Your Own Medicine, Natural Cleaning Solutions for the Busy Mom—all of these are currently being collected, gone over, and formatted for simple, 
easy to read books
 so you can get everything in one place. 
At 200 posts since January, I realized that there is a lot to sift through to get to them,
and this makes it easier on both of us.
Why? Because I print these off for myself too.
My copy of the newest Ebook The Master Mix Way is sitting on my desk right now, in a shiny new binder, smiling up at me.
I still cant believe its real, but it is.
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Quickly, I wanted to give you a head’s up on what is ahead this week here at The Welcoming House Blog once we get past this Miracle Monday.
Tomorrow The Welcoming House will be sharing another new recipe with you,
Creamy Chicken Pot Pie in
an Oregano and Basil Crust.
It is comfort food at its finest, and with the cooler temps soon to be sweeping our nation later at the end of this week, it is a great recipe to have on hand to make the house smell like Fall.
Wednesday we are starting a new series that you have to come back to check out.
Thursday and Friday start the series’ on getting ready for Thanksgiving with many different ideas for parents and kids alike, as well as Fabulously Frugal Friday showing up with a ton of ideas for starting to make your own gifts to set aside for Christmas.
I know, I know, it doesnt seem to be that time yet, but with those holidays right around the corner,
and friends over at the Welcoming House Facebook Page requesting ideas for those things,
then we need to get cracking.
So see you back here tomorrow for another lovely comfort food recipe, and I hope you decide to check out the book. If you do not know what Master Mixes are, or why I promote them so heavily as a fast and frugal alternative designed to save you cash in the grocery store, then you should read my post from Friday. Click HERE for that post and to decide whether you want to learn how to do that from someone who uses them all the time.
Many blessings to you and yours,
This is from a wonderful reader: Some of you have been having trouble checking out using the credit card option. That is being worked on as we speak.
But there is another way around it and here is what Sue posted:”ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION – If you are purchasing this book, be aware that you must use the paypal button – you DO NOT have to sign up for a paypal account – you can pay as a guest. I did this and it worked great!! on The Master Mix Way
Thanks Sue. 🙂