I haven’t “peached” you out yet, have I? I really thought I was done, and never wanted to see another peach for another year. But a killer deal (for me) on peaches meant that I picked up another lug or two, and then my dear mom decided she needed another lug of two, and the end result is this:


Four more lugs of peaches.
Before you think I am crazy, I want you to know that in making all the wonderful recipes on Waste Not, Want Not with Three Lugs of Peaches the other day, it totally skipped my mind to make peach pie filling.
Or Orange Peach Marmalade.
Or Peach/ Mulberry sauce.
So I am back at it again today after spending the evening and morning over at the Welcoming House Fb Page enjoying the comments and numbers over the giveaway of four Elite jars to celebrate our 300th new member to join the page.
Its been a while since I shared that link with you, so please, if you enjoy the posts here on the Blog, you will really enjoy the page over there, because that page gives me the freedom to share all the other things I enjoy and find without blowing you out of the water with 400 posts a day.
So click right here to head over there and check it out.
We will be having another giveaway once we reach 400 members, and that is not that far away!
Now for the Peach Pie Recipe and a picture to make you drool:
August2012 033
jars of peach pie filling….a little taste of heaven in a jar


   Now I know that one of the “suggested no-no’s” is to can up pie filling with cornstarch. The reasoning is that it can make for a gloppy product, or on occasion it can change once it is canned up to be inconsistent, and so (the promoters say) you should use a product called Clear Gel.

Here is a link: Clear Gel for Canning


   But I have been canning for umpteen zillion years it seems like, and frankly, when I buy the canned store-bought pie filling, I think the stuff tastes…..plasticky. Definitely not as wonderful as when I make a pie at home with my homemade pie filling. To each his own I guess.
    SO if you want to buy the clear gel and use it to make pie filling, I will link a recipe for that down at the bottom of  this post.
   If you want to do it the Welcoming House way, then follow this recipe and break out a 16 oz box of cornstarch, 7 Quart jars, and a strong will to resist the temptation to taste this again…and again…and again.


Peach Pie Filling for Water Bath Canning
  • 24 cups of peeled, sliced peaches, tossed with lemon juice
  • 5 1/2 cups water plus 3/4 additional cup set aside
  • 4 1/2 cups dark brown sugar
  • 1 3/4 cups lemon juice
  • 16 oz of cornstarch, plus 3 TBS
  • 1 Tbs of cinnamon, 1 tsp of nutmeg and 1 Tbs of Vanilla Extr.
  • 7 Quart jars, lids and rings
  • a deep water bath canner or a pressure canner

   In a heavy stock pot combine the 5 1/2 c. water, sugar, and spices, and heat until simmering at a good speed.


    Next slowly combine the remaining water, lemon juice, and cornstarch in a separate small bowl, stirring until very thick and putty looking (this takes some time and muscles).
with the lemon juice and 1 cup of cornstarch


with all the cornstarch and lemon juice—rock hard crumbles


adding in the remaining water amount makes it thick but smooth again

    Take stock pot from stove, and with a whisk, stir cornstarch mix into the syrup mix. DO NOT STOP STIRRING, or you will get glops, which while tasty, are not exactly professional looking. Good news is they will disappear when you make it into a pie and bake it. Some canners say heating the water and lemon juice first avoids this step…we don’t have a microwave, so its up to you to prove if they are right are not!


    Pour heated mixture over the peaches, stir until well combined, and let sit for about ten minutes for peaches to heat through.

   Spoon into jars p to the top of the shoulders, but below the first thread on neck; wipe rims, cap with warmed lids and put ring on, then put into the water bath.


   Process jars for 30 minutes at a rolling boil. I used my pressure canner and it made a huge difference in my house getting hot—the lid kept the moisture in, and the pie filling carmelized as it was supposed to while processing.
   And that is just how easy it is. 🙂
See you Monday.
Many blessings to you and yours,


 canning peach pie filling with clear gel recipe: Click Here