Happy Fabulously Frugal Friday to you all!!
I hope your week has been wonderful, full of promise and new things happening that are exciting and uplifting! We have had a couple exciting days, what with unexpected company, slowly healing from everyone being sick, my piano lessons starting up again in the afternoons.
It kind of makes me laugh because the Christmas tree is still up, boxes sitting right beside it as they wait to be refilled and trundled down the stairs for storage for another year.
My daughter’s 13th birthday party is tomorrow, a “high tea” party to celebrate her introduction into “young ladyship”, and honestly, I dont even know what type of cake I am going to make her.
So much for being on top of things, right?
But there have been many many blessings this week that were unexpected that make them all seem insignificant.
We were gifted a large amount of fuel oil to take some of the stress of heating an entire house with wood in Minnesota, in January, off of our shoulders. Since we have only had one winter in this house, we are still getting used to anticipating how much wood we will use each winter, and this year we did not get enough. The Handy Hubby has been taking one of his days off every week to head out into the snow and cold to spend the day cutting wood. Nothing wrong with that, of course, we enjoy it, but this gives him a little bit of time to actually pile up wood ahead. It also has helped us to pay closer attention to how much wood we have gone through this year and plan a little better for next year.
As a part of that, we have had offers coming out of the blue through friends, or strangers, for the neatest things. My hubs now has THREE groves of trees, a boon on the prairie, from which to freely cut wood, and one even comes with a hunting offer attached. He was also contacted by someone this week who is interested in taking any extra garden refuse we have this coming year for his goats, and offering my husband the butchering job for his herd culling this coming year. That offer comes along with free goat meat, AND as much goat manure as we would like, that he will graciously load and haul for us. Is that not cool? My rabbits are producing enough fantastic bunny berries for one of our gardens, but I am not sure we have enough for the second. SO this covers that need, and it came to us unbidden and at no cost.
I am just continually amazed at how blessed we are, and how it seems that once we started on this path, and showing others how to do things, the Lord just keeps blessing us in unexpected ways. Free wood for however many years we want it, another meat source, and support for our vegetable garden.
All of those things are WONDERFUL!
I know it is Fabulously Frugal Friday, and many of you are waiting for the next set of cleaners, but I have to tell you, with all of the demands being put on me this week, and of always wanting to do the very best job I can in giving you something that you can learn from and read, I just feel like I would not be doing it justice. Instead, I am going to link you to three posts that I have written, one recent, and two last year, that cover a variety of cleaners that I use around my house. It is not, by any means, an extensive list, but gives you a taste of what we use around here. I will be back again, next week, with a regular post listing some more and how I make them.
But right now, I have a tree to take down (2 weeks later than usual) and a High Tea Birthday Party to prepare for. With a lot of girls in super sparkly dresses, tiaras, and fancy tea party–thingies to make and eat. 🙂 SO, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I will see you back here on Monday with some wonderful Make-It -Yourself Monday Mojo for you.
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See you back here on Monday.
Many Blessings to you and yours,