What a crazy morning it has been around here! Yesterday our regular PC just crashed, and it was a scramble to try to find out how to post and approve comments, share each post, not to mention just plain get on the internet. We do not know yet if we will be able to get all our information off the old computer, or even access anything (or if it will be up and running again in a couple days).

I can not stress enough to you to remember to back up your information somewhere so that you can access it from a different device when needed.

Believe me, you dont want to be where I am today, wondering if I will get my kids pictures back or not.

ANYHOW, that is not what today is about at all, but instead another awesome day filled with links on tips, tricks, and processes on learning how to both hand sew and use a machine. Since today is normally Wellness Wednesday we are going to be talking about a couple simple projects that you can make using minimal sewing skills for your home or loved ones.

Many of these I have already made for our home, and that is why I am referencing them all here. It is wonderful to be able to replace something when it gets too old for use anymore, and use it by recycling something else. For example, I recovered both our electric heating pads by using old flannel and fleece blankets that had either become too stained to look nice, or the kids had outgrown (think baby blankets). Adding a little bit of velcro we had picked up at the thrift store, and our heating pads were as good as new, with brand new- kid-friendly covers that took very little money and time.

And then there are the Boo Boo bags that I make for new moms in my friends’ circle, as well as have around my house. You can find the link for making those by clicking right here.

What about hot packs for the microwave, or even a free pattern for the shoulder wraps that awesome friends who I (envy) admire make for their businesses? All listed below. Beauty headbands, and fitted towels, and even children’s hooded towels waiting for you to learn how to make them!

Just check out all the fun things that I found online as simple links to teach you how to sew with simple projects!

I hope you not only have fun with all these wonderful ideas, but also become more confident as you learn how to sew and regain a skill that our grandparents took for granted. Check back tomorrow for our wonderful weekly round up of great blogs and their best posts, and join us!

And dont forget—Fabulously Frugal Friday, the last one of the month, is coming up in two days….and this one is going to be chock full of awesome ideas that you simply wont want to miss that go along with this week.

Blessings to you and yours,


Heating Pad Covers

Microwave Heat Packs

Cold pack covers


Beauty head bands for the Spa Moments in your life

Fitted Towel Robe

Children’s Hooded Towels

Soft Cloth Baby Wipes

Makeup Brush Roll up case

Hanging Toiletry travel case

Aromatherapy Eye Pillows

wet bag tutorialhttp://www.craftinessisnotoptional.com/2011/09/wet-bag-tutorial.html

Make Your Own Wet bag for Sun and Surf items