I don’t know about you, but seriously, being caught with a hot pan that needs to come out of the oven, and not being able to find a SINGLE POT HOLDER OF THE MANY I OWN is a rather frustrating place to be.

Many years ago, women used their thick aprons, towels folded up, etc, but at the same time, there were lots of stories of those things catching fire from the hot stoves or wood stoves they cooked on.

Personally, give me a good hot pad I can throw outside any day if there is such a thing as a range fire.

So today, we are going to talk about how easy it is to make your own pot holders, and then turning that into a hanging towel you can use in the kitchen as well.

If you did not see yesterday’s post on basic hand sewing skills, or how to use a sewing machine from scratch, then you need to head over there first. Today’s project will use both of those basics, and I want you to be equipped to start with the basics first.

This is the EASIEST way I have found to make an awesome pot holder, and there are tons of fabrics around you that you can use to make them for gifts or to match colors in your home.  I would also encourage you to upcycle fabric from pieces of clothing you no longer are using, and as your filler fabric, use an old towel that needs to be cut up into rags (or pick one up at a thrift store).

Make your own Pot Holders with basic sewing machine skills

Once you can make a pot holder, then you can learn how to make a simple pot holder kitchen towel! We have tons of these around the house, and seriously, I love how convenient they are.

Here is a fabulous and simple tutorial on how to make those!

Pot Holder Kitchen Towel Combo!

and here is a simple, easy to follow video tutorial on how to make one too!

Now, we all know how much we love aprons, and place mats, simple napkins, and table runners.

If you are feeling adventurous today, then please, head over and check out these very simple, easy to follow video and picture tutorials on the same things. 🙂

And have a wonderful day–check back tomorrow for more simple sewing tutorials that have to deal with health and wellness (my favorite post of the week so far in writing! *big grin*)!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Blessings to you and yours, 


Sewing Basics Photo---www.thewelcominghouseblog.com

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