Go ahead.
That is exactly what we did as we mixed up this batter, rolled it out,  cut it and then slowly dropped them one by one into the hot oil
and watched them bubble.
Treats are special things around here, and there is such a peacefulness about working together as a family to achieve something special. The Littles helped me add ingredients. My Big Kid rolled each one in cinnamon sugar….and the Handy Hubby was very willing to be the taste tester from each tidbit that was offered from small-ish hands.
For those of you who want to imagine that something like this is healthy, just know that the end result was just as tasty as the ones purchased in the fancy stores, but were made of whole wheat, healthier sugars, and healthy fats. We changed the recipe we found on Food.com to reflect that, but you will find the link for the original at the bottom of the page.
They were delicious, and I hope you pin this recipe so you have it for a special Saturday morning with your children or grandchildren…or even just for yourself with a good strong cup of joe.
Many blessings to you and yours,
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Old Fashioned Cake Donuts 
That Just Might Be Good for You
wet ingredients:
1 cup sucanat/ honey/ dark brown sugar
1/4 unsalted butter or coconut oil
1 cup milk (or 3/4 cup milk if you use honey)
2 eggs
(Blend these together really well, then in a separate bowl whisk the dry ingredients:)
Dry Ingredients:
 4 cups soft white wheat flour (I use fresh ground from my WonderMill)
 (All purpose flour if you don’t have a grinder)
1 Tbs baking powder
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp cinnamon
Add the dry ingredients to the wet in parts until the entire batter is well-mixed and complete.
Let chill for about 30 minutes. Add a couple cups of coconut oil to a pan before you begin to roll these out and allow to heat so that you can fry them.
Roll out on a floured surface until the dough is about 1″ thick, then use a donut cutter to cut donuts out. I placed ours on a towel and let them sit about ten minutes while I finished the dough.You will know the oil is hot enough to fry when the piece of dough that you drop it immediately begins to bubble and sizzle with an attitude, slowly raising to the top. As always, save the frying part for when small children are NOT underfoot, as their curiosity can be incredibly dangerous at this time.
I do about four donuts at a time, adding in more coconut oil as needed. Lay each on a cookie rack to cool for a minute so you can shake in the sugar combo. We just added one cup white sugar and 2 Tbs cinnamon to a paper bag and would gently shake the donuts one by one,
 then lay back on the cookie rack to continue cooling.
This recipe made about two dozen old fashioned donuts that were crisp on the outside and perfect on the inside. We simply couldn’t believe how good they were, and just getting pictures was a challenge. I hope that you will try the recipe and find out how fun it is to make them.
As usual, here are a few links for products that we used for this. Each purchase provides a small amount for my family and allows me to continue blogging frequently…

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