What a crazy ride it has been, seriously.

Someone was asking me the other day how my Spring has been, that they have not seen much of our family…yadda yadda yadda.

All I could do was stop, and shake my head and say: “You know, I am glad this last six months is done and I have a summer stretching out in front of me.” After all, honesty is something I prize in other people, and cant stand folks without it.

I have had a rough week. My oldest daughter is doing very well, hair is growing back in, she is quicker, and funnier, and smarter, and frankly, I wish we had taken the route of the shunt replacement much sooner. The whole fiasco with her health has taught me a couple things: One, it is better to be ready to help yourself when you can and be proactive about your health because those doctors and nurses are still just human. And TWO, that sometimes serious things need serious medical care when necessary.

About a week ago after a fun lunch date out with my family, I suddenly experienced a loss of vision and then progressive weakness and numbness in my right side. Within 24 hours I was hospitalized, scared, unable to see well from my right eye, or use my right arm. The next morning my right toes were numb and slowly this progressed up my right leg. Lots of tests later, it was determined I did not show signs of a stroke or brain bleed, but that the doctors were stumped.

Enter in one scared husband with a determination we would not take that answer for certain, and next thing I know we are sitting with a neurologist who is throwing around words like “MS”, “micro-clot” and “mini stroke”. Not to mention the words MRI and Lumbar Puncture, the last of which about made me pee my pants (I have had one, thank you, and ONE was ENOUGH).

Log story short, I have been having health issues and time issues. Just trying to get on here to blog and share our life (which has suddenly narrowed down to some serious things) has been tough. And I owe you better than that.

I am now confined to my couch for two weeks, with short stints of regular life, until more results come in. I am thankful to know that MS is no longer an option, even as my heart goes out to the friends and family I have that suffer from it. There are some other serious things on the table though, and for a time, I wont know those answers. But if you don’t mind, for that time, I would like to just go back to chatting with you, sharing slices of our life here, and some good cups of coffee. My symptoms are slowly easing and I am regaining use of my vision and my right side day by day, which is such a blessing. You never realize what you take for granted until you don’t have it anymore. Right?

I hope your Thursday is going well and I pray that you will have peace and comfort today.

Blessings to you and yours,

~Heather <3

PS, the image is of one of my daughters, who has really struggled with the scare of losing her mamma for a couple days. She climbed into my lap, and fell asleep. Since she was so upset with me she would not talk on the phone to me, it made my day. <3 Pray for my kids please, and the Handy Hubby as he is trying to be strong through everything too, and carrying a load…..