Well the wonderful post we had set up this morning totally got derailed by an October Surprise—
Now I know, we live in MINNESOTA for Pete’s sake,
 and snow is nothing unexpected.
But in the eyes of a child….
the first snow is almost magical in its beauty, simplicity and fun.
Please enjoy the photos, especially if you are in a place where you are enjoying 80* weather, like my friends in the south and east. 🙂
Many Blessings to you and yours,
Nothing is more cool than the first snow…
even in the dark…….
aka Mr Awesome had to walk to get here for the day. 
I think he was a little cold.
But cheerful! 
Nothing like a brisk walk to wake you up.
The Littles were 
absolutely fascinated 
with the snow.
I think they forgot what it was from last year.
But that didn’t stop them from figuring it out pretty quick.
 Or going for a ride around the yard with Dad…
Or eating it…um, yuck…
october2012 465
…and not much is cuter 
than that first time of putting snow boots on toddlers.  
Remember how we called them moon boots?
Except for when that moment is something you must share with your twin by walking around holding hands…wearing moon boots.
Have a wonderful day.
See you back tomorrow for the unveiling of a new sponsor and amazing product with a GREAT giveaway!