Now, being a fun-lovin’ kind of gal….I have to tell you a couple of things that have really struck a chord for Christ in my heart the last couple of days. Those of you who have been around me for a while, know that it doesnt take much for me to laugh…or to cry. To be honest–as much as I would love the thrill of the game (and the chance of winning enough to keep the twins in diapers for a year) I would totally suck at poker.

   Why would that be? Because I just could not keep a straight face, and everyone I would play with would shamelessly take advantage of the fact that I just could not keep quiet that I was about to lay down a full house and whop their tails in the next two seconds. Ask my college roomies, and Kurt who finally gave up playing cards against me in college—(sorry guys, we all change a little right?)

   And while I do my fair share of crying–especially at movies or sad commercials, it is truly one of the blessings in my life that God has surrounded me with people who make me laugh. Take my friends in my care group–what we call our small group/Bible studies in our church. A small group consisting of 3 couples, we have more fun, without drinking, smoking pot, or anything else illegal every Friday night, than probably do most people in a 10 mile radius from where we meet. We like to joke about the amount of coffee we drink, people’s reactions when we tell them we go to Bible study on Fridays instead of out or to the bar, or just about anything and everything that hits our funny buttons. Sometimes I think we have so much fun we should be doing something illegal because it sure feels like it!

This Friday was no exception–and since a couple of things have stuck on my mind for two days I just have to share them with you.
We have this dear ,dear friend (who shall remain nameless but everyone in the group will laugh when they read this) who is totally and absolutely hysterical. She is a beautiful and classic case of someone who says what they are thinking, and depending on her mood is either blowing off the fact that we are all laughing, laughing with us, or totally repentant and telling us that she needs to learn to watch what she says. She has been an instrumental part of God’s plan in my life to get me over caring more what people think that what He thinks.Now–I have to tell you—I love being around her. And I can say with certainty all of us get a kick out of her (although there have been a few moments that her dear husband has turned a little red around the ears, but that just makes us laugh harder). Anyhow, sounds silly but this last Friday we women were chatting about names for the twins–Kurt and I had tossed some names around and I thought I would try them out on the girls. Somehow (and I really am not sure how) we ended up talking about the funniest last names we had ever heard…and I tell you what, I just could not stop laughing. I walked away from that night still giggling, and probably will for some time–it was one of those things that you just had to be there for.
( “This is CEO Willfart calling for”….lol)

So from funny to serious–Saturday night we had a church alternative function for the kiddos in the community at our church, and it was wild and fun and packed. I forget every year (here’s the air head part of my personality) that we end with worship and the kids love it. We hand out glow sticks (all different colors–very cool) turn off the lights, and blast the massive sound system with worship music. Kids are twirling, jumping, raising their hands, rocking out, you name it, but it is all unbridled, loud worship of the King of Kings.

How do I tie those two very separate incidents together in my mind? I know it sounds crazy, but while I was watching those kids dip and swirl and those glow sticks go nuts, it was if God introduced into my mind a clear picture of what Heaven was going to be like.

Do you realize in Heaven we are going to be with our best and truest Friend? We will be surrounded by those who have shared our lives and our faith here on earth. God himself says He will wipe away all tears from our eyes, and there will be no sorrow or mourning. I am thinking of Friday night, and the joy and laughter and giggling, the closeness I have with those people, and think—

“Heaven? Heaven is going to ROCK!” 

Dont tell me that a God who created something like a platypus doesnt have an amazing sense of humor….so think of a million of your best friends…think of living the delight of being in Heaven…and think of the laughter we will share up there. Kinda mind boggling.

But even better, think of billions of people, laughing from being free of the earthly ties that hold us down, dancing and swooping, and praising the King in the very throne room of Heaven. Think of all of the things that wear us down, drag us down, hold us down, and try to drown us here on earth just passing away, and the freedom and love and explosion of pure joy we will feel when see the Lord face to face.  In my mind I can see how God will fuse both the laughter and the beauty in the worship of His people, and folks, I tell you, that is a place I want to be. Laughing, dancing, and praising the King of Kings with an unmeasurable number of the saints of God… and no end in sight.

Funny how I have more fun now doing things people would call “boring”, than I ever did when I was doing the things people would call “exciting”. Personally, I dont think there is any comparison.

Jesus wins hands down.