Its that day again—-Think Tank Thursday where we get to hear and see YOUR very best posts from the past week!

I chose two fabulous posts from this last week that both resonated with me, for completely different reasons!

As a coffee lover, Sandra’s post on her Blog, Sandra’s Arka Dose of Encouragement 1—and her first statement “You see everywhere I go in the house, I leave a trail of coffee mugs behind me.” totally grabbed my attention.

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Why? Because I am exactly the same way. I too, leave a trail of coffee mugs behind me as I go through the house, and often find myself searching for them from room to room. But as I continued to read her post, I was struck by the truth in her words, her encouragement just kind of soaked into my heart, and I decided to feature her. We all need to be reminded that some things are important to savor, and soaking in the Word to release the yuck in our hearts, minds and spirits is one of those things.

My second choice was an article that addressed Homeschooling, and was written to shine a light on an explosively popular way to educate your children here in the US…as well as how it is changing from what the common perceptions are.

As a homeschool family, I very much enjoyed this article, because it did a fabulous job of revealing the MANY different reasons people choose to home school their children. I want to thank Amy of AmyFritzWrites, for her fabulous article titled The New Homeschoolers.

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