Mondays: Barn hop

Tuesday: (A Wise WOman Builds Her Home)





Heather Mahon Esteyhere we go all: 100lbs rice, bulk ketchup/mustard/mayo/pb, large cans soups, 100 lbs popcorn, 3 Vodkas, 1 whiskey/rum, milk and bulk cheeses for canning, case each of: green beans, carrots, peaches, pears, fruit cocktail, mandarin oranges,mushrooms, olives, cranberries,diced tomatoes, tomatoes with gr chilies, five different kinds of beans, bulk cans of: pineapple, tomato paste, tomato sauce, tropical fruit salad, 10 large gallon jars of pickles (both for eating and storage, 8 large containers Crisco, Olive Oil and Vegetable Oil, 100 lbs brown sugar, 20 powdered coffee creamers, 2 large packs yeast, baking soda and powder, 100 lbs white sugar, large bags of almonds, walnuts, and peanuts, 4 bags Craisins, case of chocolate chips, big container baking cocoa, 100 lbs oatmeal (if possible), two cases evap milk, and one of condensed milk, 16 cans coffee, one bag Caribou bean coffee, 25 lbs salt, Lawry’s seasoning (because Kurt would DIE WITHOUT THIS), and one container each of bullion even though we know it is bad for us. Butter, juices and frozen veggies from the frozen section. Toiletries: Tp, Shampoo/cond (5 each), Dove soap, bulk toothbrushes, toothpaste, shaving cream, razors, washcloths (3 packs) paper tape, motrin, tylenol, bandaids, batteries, 2 more flashlights, candles, plastic wrap, foil, bleach,and clothes pins if we can find them. Many many of these things we already have (actually most) and are doubling up on for the house. We have clothing, heat items, etc already stored, such as charcoal, wood, matches, etc. If they have lamp oil then we will get it. Honestly, this shopping trip is to simply double what we have already, plus then not stress out if we get hard by drought again this year. Our water supply was our biggest gap and we took care of it this morning by ordering a Berkey and water bricks to store it. Other than stocking up on Antibiotics, we really are good. We have clothes stored for the kids, shoes, warm coats, etc. SO, now to just get this under our belts and we are good.