One of our most used  products in our home (and most requested items locally), our powerful cough and cold rub is amazing at helping the body smash through those times when you just cant seem to get ahead of colds or coughs!

Using our recipe that contains both coconut oil , locally sourced minimally-processed beeswax, and shea butter (for extra skin nourishing) our rub comes in a 4 oz tin that is reusable for other products and sustainable (ditch the plastic!).

This recipe is for usable for anyone from 2 years old to 102—not for infants or children younger than 2. We will soon be adding an option for that precious crowd of super Littles…just not this one!

Use on the feet or chest, under nose, on throat or back. Do not use on broken skin as it may cause a burning sensation due to one of the essential oils in it (precaution only). A little goes a long way! We go through about five tins of this for a family of five in a single year, so know you don’t need a ton for it to be effective…which makes it very cost effective AND good for you!

Does use nut oils, so message us if you are a nut-free or nut-allergy family and we can make you a batch without any allergens if purchased in an order of 5 or more tins!