Do you like to preserve your own food?

If you know The Welcoming House Blog at all, you know that we preserve SO MANY THINGS…and having the right tools to do so makes things much easier.

Our 100% cotton mats plus two cotton cloths are a great addition to your canning tools, or make a perfect gift for a canning friend or loved one! Each mat is oversized and designed to rest 12 pints or 9 quarts on it after coming straight out of the canner. The cotton yarn absorbs the hot liquid, is easy to wash, and also protects your countertop in the process. The two washcloths are handy for clean up, and wiping rims before and after canning!

Cotton yarn does shrink if it is washed in hot water and thrown into the dryer, so we suggest that you wash on cold, and lay flat to dry! You will get a much longer life out of it!