Did you know anything you put on your skin, including lotions and rubs, go directly into the blood stream in a short amount of time? Now…knowing that…have you READ the ingredients on your skin products or muscle rub?

Yeah….that’s why we do these kind of awesome items…because its what our family uses!

Want a natural alternative to petroleum and chemical based rubs?

Harnessing the amazing muscle relaxing power of the dandelion plant, then adding some amazing essential oils to boost that power, we present to you our wonderful non-toxic muscle rub that is a staple in our home. A little goes a long way!

All of our dandelions are harvested in our own property, which has never been sprayed, and are carefully dried and then distilled in a mixture of grapeseed and olive oil. We then add shea butter, and locally sourced minimally-processed beeswax for extra skin protection (and some awesome essential oils) to make this an amazing muscle rub for using on yourself and your loved ones!

This is a listing for a 4 oz metal tin of this product. Product may contain plant material. While not expected, when shipping to warm climates, this product may revert to a viscous liquid and possibly leak. Best purchased and shipped from October to March.

(If you need a nut-free version, please let us know and we can make some special just for you in orders that contain batches of 5 tins or more!)