By far one of our most popular items we sell out of at every craft fair, our gorgeous and heavy duty cotton cloths are hand-crocheted by Heather from a sturdy 100% cotton yarn. When cared for properly, these cloths will last you years, and when finally done, are bio-degradeable.

The pattern for the cloths is a criss-cross stitch perfect for washing and scrubbing from the shower to the sink. This pretty set of 2 cloths come packaged in a little slip sleeve, with a kraft label. The cloths are a variegated Cream and Denim Blue, which makes for easy washing and bleaching, with small to no color fade. Incredibly well made for the price and they make a fabulous gift paired with a card, or as a stocking stuffer!

**Note: Because they are 100% cotton, expect some shrink when it is washed multiple times. We build a little extra size into the washcloth to accomodate for that!