You asked for it…so we created it!

Here is our beautiful bundle of THREE hand-crocheted pumpkins for your home, in assorted colors, our choice, made by hand to decorate your home! most bundles will include one cream (or Gold twist), one orange, and one green (or green marbled). However, you might get lucky and get one of the bundles with a pretty coordinating blue, brown, gray or yellow colored pumpkin instead with two of the other main colors we offer!

Either way, your bundle will be beautiful, and unique to your home! Because we love you and love that you support us!

Each pumpkin starts with a base of hand-crocheted fabric, then is topped with a stem made from our black walnut tree, and then decoated with an assortment of leaves, twine, lace, flowers, and so much more. Truly, each pumpkin is beautiful, and you can look forward to lots of compliments on your purchase!