Growing up, the Little House on the Prairie books were such an intrinsic part of my childhood. It was one of the reasons I grew up to love hand crafting, pioneer living, homesteading, animal raising and so much more.

As an adult when we moved close to the original sod house featured in her first set of children’s books, I knew reading them to my children would be a must to add to their childhood. And our love for all things Little House on the Prairie just grew from there.

These stunningly beautiful hand-crafted cards use vintage paper designs, hand made lace and twine to bring back a reminder of a gift worth giving for that someone special in your life. Each of the cards is listed separately in our shop so you can choose your favorite saying or two to tuck into an extra-special gift for your loved one. Each card also includes a high-quality, hand decorated envelope tucked into the wrapper with the card.

Design 3 is a perfect card for that light-hearted special gift to a friend that just reminds them of how sweet friendship is.  It says: “She had not known before that it takes two to smile.”  Each card in the series is a direct quote from either Laura Ingalls Wilder’s writings, or her cherished books.