ONe of our most signature designs to date, the gorgeous coneflower on these beautiful and lightweight wooden and leather earrings is hand-drawn by Heather, so each pair is slightly unique and all are stunning.

Since this is one of my favorite flowers to grow medicinally, I knew it had to be put onto blanks and made into jewelry, and cards and other items in our shop. Each year we watch our echinacea grow into beautiful tall and stately plants that host butterflies, grow monarchs, and give naps to our little honey bees when they grow tired from buzzing around the garden.

Our earrings are all handcrafted, hand-drawn, and created from scratch in our home studio. Careful attention to detail and checking the findings is very important to us as we want to create a quality product for you.

Heather owns a couple pairs of earrings in this style and always gets comments and compliments on them when she is out. Own your own pair today!