Ever wish you had a book with alllll the secret recipes from a prolific canning friend? Ones that are amazing, and shared over and over again when she posts them on her blog? Wish it even had her tips and tricks written down it in like she was standing there while you were working on putting up some jam, or pickles, or other delicious items?

If so…this is your book! Even if you have never canned before, come join Heather as she walks you through the process step by step just like you were with her in her own kitchen, canning each recipe.

This gorgeous book just got prettier as we had it color-printed, laminated and bound so it can take a place of honor in your cookbook collection! With five categories, and more than 50 recipes, this heirloom level book is certain to not only grace your kitchen and your collection, but also to make an exceptional gift for those who would love to receive it.