You guys.

Ever wished you had a simple salve or rub you could just gently put on your kids’ feet (or your feet) and with a little time and love, they gently transition to sleep?


Tried and true, this is the recipe I  have used on my loved ones and extended family members since 2014, when my twins were in full riot-against-sleep mode and my nerves were raw.

Its truly as simple as putting it on the bottoms of feet and across the forehead, and then continuing your nightly routine. Packed with essential oils that will help soothe the body, spirit and mind…its a gentle but powerful addition to your nighttime routine.

The coconut oil base has shea butter. local minimally-processed beeswax, and top-quality essential oils added that support sleep rhythms and ease the transition from waking to sleeping. The rub can also be used on wrists during high stress or anxiety times to help manage stress and cortisol levels. A little goes a long way, so even though this tin is a medium 4 oz…it can be used for multiple people in a household!

If you have nut allergies or are a nut-free home, please feel free to order more than 5 tins and then message me in the notes on the order that you want a nut free version made with grapeseed and cocoa butter. We truly understand how sensitive some sweet family members can be and will make sure your batch is completely clear of any allergens or cross contamination!