If you love funny and snarky coffee mugs, then this one is for you.

For some of us, coffee not only keeps us sane, it keeps us from being ready to go on a rampage with the people around us, especially if we dont “people” well! This cup gives a wink and nod to that part of our population and makes a fun, silly gift for anyone who understands the sentiment enough appreciate it!

All of our mugs are hand painted on high quality ceramics, and sealed for long term useĀ  as long as they are hand washed and not put into a dishwasher! We make them in our home studio with high-quality ceramic paint pens, and pretty much laugh at every one when we make it…so we love that you like this mug too!

Mugs are made to order, so it may take a bit until your order ships, especially if you order multiple mugs.