You heard the rumor going around right?
That I made some totally fabulous rolls for the Grain Mill Wagon contest?
That the contest starts on Monday, October 1st?
Oh wait, that’s TODAY
And that the winner whose recipes are shared the most,
 liked the most, etc,
in fact,
whose numbers show the most activity…
will win a Grand Prize of products worth $600?
Such as a brand spankin’ new Wonder Mill,
A non-electric hand crank Wonder Jr Mill,
and a $100 cash prize?
Oh wait. I already HAVE one of those….
Well, I guess that just means I will have two……..
Unless of course, YOU want one………
Here, in trying to convince you, take a look at these pictures.
How about a taste of
Pumpkin Whoopie Pies with Nutmeg Cream Cheese Filling??
Or an AMAZING Apple-Cranberry-Golden Raisin Pie with a seriously Cinnamon Crust?
Drooling yet? Wondering where you can get the recipes?
Wait, there’s more.
Just GLANCE for a minute at this Easy and Old Fashioned Applesauce Spice cake…
 Yep. Just as delectable as it looks.
Buttery, full of chunks of Granny Smith Apple,
and all made in a single bowl for the ease of cleaning up afterwards.
Not that there will be anything left on the plates to clean up.
I promise.
And finally, if you were around on SATURDAY,
 you saw the recipe pop up right here on
The Welcoming House
for these babies:
Yep, those.
Their name is
and you can find them by CLICKING RIGHT HERE! 🙂
So you are asking, WHAT should I do to make this happen?
All you have to do is click the Grain Mill Wagon link below.
It will take you DIRECTLY to the Welcoming House link on their site,
and then you  need to
“Pin it”
and “email it”
To your heart’s content.
And you need to do this often, because if you DONT,
there is not going to be a giveaway in November that ends with an amazing finale…
Which would be this:
September 2012 115
Yep. A Wonder Mill Electric Grain Mill.
Still in the box of course.
Which means its brand spankin’ new.
And did I say that these cost around $250?
Go ahead.
Click away on the link below.
And tomorrow, we have ONE more recipe to delight your taste buds, and your table.
Tasty Tuesday will present:
Crazy About Coconut Cupcakes,
made using homemade cake mix,
topped with toasted coconut,
and deep inside their little coconut-flavored hearts
will rest a gooey, amazing surprise that you will just have to tune in to find out about.
Have a wonderful Monday!
Many Blessings to you and yours,