Books and Printables

Books and Printables

Look here to find the books and printables that Heather has written over the years on multiple subjects for your home and life! All offered in both PDF and printed form!

Books and Printables - PDF

  • Generation upon generation have used tried and true cures to heal their bodies from illness. Long before they had a corner drug store, or over-the-counter medication to treat common, everyday illnesses, those same people knew what to grow and what to use to treat things that could possibly be very catastrophic in their lives, down to a simple sore throat.

    This book is designed to teach you how to use common, every day herbs, grown at home or purchase at a reputable store, to treat things that every person, at one time or another, goes through. From growing the plants to harvesting, drying, and using in remedies that are simple to put together. Growing Your Own Medicine is a book that should be on every home shelf for easy reference. Read more below!

  • Holiday Baking with Essential Oils opens up a whole new world of fabulous flavors by using these recipes for your holiday baking! From savory to sweet, we shared our favorite recipes using Young Living oils to turn your holiday into an extra special one! Family tested and approved!
  • The Master Mix Way


    A collection of over 50 recipes with variations, all designed to give you more time in the kitchen by teaching you to streamline your preparation in using a single basic mix for endless options.

    Whether for baking, cooking, seasonings, soups, or even drinks,

    ~ The Master Mix Way ~ is the book for you!

Faith Based

Faith Based

Items made in our home studio that reflect our deep and abiding love for Christ, and our desire to use our talents and gifts to encourage others in their walk with Jesus.

Faith Based - Cards

Faith Based - Encouragement Cards

Fashion Items

Fashion Items

Lovely little items to make your day happier, sweeter and more fun! Everything from jewelry, to bags, to headbands that we create in our home studio and wear or use ourselves!

Fashion Items - Jewelry

Household Items

Household Items

Practical, whimsical or pretty, look here for items we use in our home or homestead, and also give as gifts ourselves. Made in our home studio, everything you will see here on the shop you will also see in our home if you visit!

Household Items - Canning Mats

Household Items - Cotton Cloths

Household Items - Hand Painted Mugs

Household Items - Mug Rugs (Coasters)

Personal Care

Personal Care

Want to use more natural methods for taking care of your family, but you don’t have time or energy to make your own? We can do it for you! Find everything from elderberry kits to our very popular skin salves and muscle rubs that we sell at vendor events all year long! Essential oil infused goodness and beyond for your family or loved ones!

Personal Care - Salves



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