SO many of you have sent me messages the last couple days wondering if we are doing ok and if I am still writing. I have to beg your forgiveness simply because we have had SO many things going on around here, that when combined with my computer issues, have made it difficult at best to continue writing a 5 day a week schedule. I normally post for a week ahead of time, and just have not been able to  carve out as much time on the weekends to blog as I normally do.

I hope this week will give me a little breathing room and allow me to catch back up again with a wonderful week ahead with my family (It is my Handy Hubby’s birthday on Thursday so we are plotting and planning).

As this weekend progressed I decided to take a little breathing room for myself today and just ask you if you are looking for Valentine’s Day ideas, please check out my totally awesome and fabulous Valentine’s Day Ideas Board over on Pinterest! SO many great ideas on there and I know I am sending you to some great content. Here is one of the projects that we are tackling today with my kids as we get set for a birthday and holiday this week!


Tomorrow we will be sponsoring an awesome review and giveaway of some gorgeous hair jewelry for Valentine’s Day! My friend Crystal will be sponsoring the GIVEAWAY and I will be sharing how wonderful I have found these gorgeous hair pieces!

We are having a class on Tuesday night over on Facebook on how to use essential oils and other basics to replace the chemical cleaners and common chemicals that we use in our homes, and WHY we should do it. I blogged about this in an article a couple weeks ago called 26 Seconds to Catastrophic Illness. It was an eye opening class for me to attend, and even more now as I have been doing research on it before teaching it myself. I would greatly encourage you, if you are interested in natural healing or health and beauty, to come and attend. It is free, open to anyone, and there is no purchase necessary. But I hope you come willing to learn and with questions! Come and Join us by clicking this link.

detoxing your home header

So that is how my week is shaping up and I hope many of you are also enjoying your family, and your time together with them. We will be posting as we can this week, and of course, sharing awesome pictures. 🙂

Blessings to you and yours,

~Heather <3