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My precious mamma is having knee replacement surgery on Monday, and our real family has some needs we are prayerfully asking God to cover. In a way of doing that, we have decided to place all the books I have written for sale for $5 each, either MOBI or PDF format, no matter what you choose, each one will be only $5 if you use the code Fall Bonanza. These would make fabulous Christmas gifts, or give you tons of ideas for holiday gifts for family and friends. For anyone who purchases the Growing Your Own Medicine book with this code, I will be giving you the 12 Recipes Mini Book for free and sending to to you. Anyone who purchases The Master Mix Way Book will be entered into a drawing for the very first free book of the new book I am working on, which is a Preserving How-to Cookbook that is due out in November.




So, would you do it? Can you do it? 

Every single sale blesses my family, and eases the financial strain of having to travel multiple times to a large city over an hour away, and makes it less of a strain for my husband to cover. It eases my mother’s mind on if someone can be there for her while she is recovering, and it allows me to not have to try to choose between being with her, or holding down the fort at home an hour away.


I love you all and thank God for your encouragement, your times of making me laugh, and for reading and encouraging me as God continues to grow both this Blog and the page.


Blessings to you all,





The links for the two books are right below. Remember, the code is Fall Bonanza for a $5 book.