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I was really looking forward to this week, especially after I got today’s awesome guest post submission from Jill over at
…her personal blog where she shares her extraordinary ideas about raising her children in the city of Houston, Texas!
And what lucky kids they are, especially with a mom who has a zest for life and passion for fun infused in everything!
Today she is here to share with us her fantastic ideas for one of the kids’ favorite lunches to take to school. My kids have already pointed out the pictures multiple times and asked for these lunches next week when school starts, and I know your kids are going to do the same! Pin it, Share it, and show Jill how awesome Welcoming House readers can be, ok?



Without further ado, here is Jill!
Blessings to you and yours,
This is Jill from BigKidSmallCity!  Each school day I make my kids fun boxed lunches.  It started as a way to get my preschooler excited about school and now it’s the only way we know how to make lunch.  Our very favorite lunches are made with rice balls.
 These are easy to make, cute,
 and crowd pleasers. 

Let me share my tips for making these lunches, but know that my skills in the kitchen are questionable and I’m not especially crafty!  But, if I can make these caterpillar, chick, frog and bear lunch balls, any one can!

How to Make Rice Balls:1.  Use  Sushi or Japanese Rice (Not just any rice.  It needs to be sticky.)
2. Throw rice into Rice Cooker. Add water and food coloring (if you want). Press start.
3.  When rice is cooked, add some salt.
4. Rinse any Rice Mold and a spoon with water. Molds can be found in most any shape…  circles, hearts, chicks, bears…  You can also use a little bowl or lid to shape the rice.  (Rinsing with water helps prevent the rice from sticking.)


5. Spoon rice into the mold and squeeze it tight.
6. Gently shake out rice shape. Add salt if desired
7. Add decoration by cutting out Nori using a Nori Punch.


For my favorite lunch box tools, go here!
Jill Jarvis is an electrical engineer for a big telecommunications company and a mom to a big Jarvis family. Joe is 6, Brooke is 4 and James is almost 2. She likes the first job but loves the second job.  Jill and the kids explore Houston and blog about the adventures, along with lunch box ideas, kid book reviews and Joe the Garbage Man stories, at
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