Making your own flours when wheat goes sky high!

Good morning, sweet friends! If you're anything like me, you have been watching the circus of things happening all around us and wondering how and where you can get creative in the kitchen. As always, my favorite thing to do is to provide resources for you to think outside of the box, and plan ahead [...]

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Love on a Plate–Monster Cinnamon Rolls

I am sure you know this, but we love food. We do. And I love to cook and bake almost as much as I love food, because I love the calm, sweet process that goes into the whole project...that is, unless my kids are doing it with me. Then I turn into some crazed micro-manager [...]

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Busy Busy Busy means a Full Cupboard come Winter

Good morning (almost afternoon here) readers! I am so sorry that I did not post yesterday, but have been diligently trying to get the garden into the pantry, and pushing loads through both the pressure canner, water bath canner, and the dehydrator as we plan ahead for winter. It can be such a challenge, right? [...]

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