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The Power of being Positively Prepared…

I have noticed a slight, but growing, fundamental shift in the last six months when it comes to being prepared for anything. More and more people are not only getting their feet wet, stepping into the world of "prepping" but are beginning to show how being prepared for simple things, from power outages to natural [...]

Being Prepared Doesnt seem so CrAzY anymore, does it?

It is hard to watch the news the last couple days, isnt it? Sitting here at my computer, scrolling through feed after feed of horror stories, people trapped while water rises around them, huge ships driven onto shores that have seen unprecendented levels of high tides, fires wiping out homes and lives........ my heart breaks [...]

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“Through Their Eyes”–Faith the size of a Mustard Seed–perspectives from around the nation

   Today is the second of our articles in the mini series: "Through Their Eyes:" ~ real stories of real people who are seeing things first hand where they live, with drought, storms, grocery prices, etc. I know we all hear a little bit about it on the nightly news, but these people I personally [...]



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