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Why Canning is Something We Do Year Round….

Its Friday, you all, and if you have been a part of our community for ANY length of time, then you know that we often do Fabulously Frugal Friday posts on Fridays throughout the year! Welcome to today's! I want to talk about why Canning, in any form, is a skill you should learn and [...]

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Simple and Steady—Building a Gradual Food Storage System for your family….

Good morning to you,  and happy Monday!   I have been overwhelmed and blessed by the many many comments and emails you wonderful folks have sent me over the last four days. It is always a blessing to know that something you write is helping so many. It is also a blessing to know that you [...]

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The Boycotting of Peanut Butter and Beans–the Top five Mistakes People Make when Starting and Using A Pantry

Looks good, doesn't it? I  mean , yes the beans could be cooked, and who eats peanut butter out of a jar with a spoon after all *ahem*, but looks like a nice nutritious meal for the hungry clamoring kids, and adults in your family right? NOT.   Today's post is about the top five [...]

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5 Things you ABSOLUTELY should be stocking up on right now….

   Hello everyone! Sorry for the late post today, but it has been one crazy morning with the Handy Hubby home for the morning hours, planning school, donating a bunch of kid stuff to a family that lost everything in a fire, and canning up the last five chickens before the new case comes in [...]

A Little of This and a Little of That….

Hi everyone! Today is just going to be a catch up know, one of those posts where I try to catch back up to where we are here at the Welcoming House and what we are doing, and where I catch you up to all the activities happening here around the Welcoming House. It [...]

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