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Almost Wordless Wednesday–Fun in the Leaves…

Good morning, everyone! I dont have a lot of time this morning, but thought you might like a glimpse of how much fun we have around here with a simple pile of leaves. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! Having fun in the leaves........ its even more fun when you get to use a slide, [...]

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The Beauty of Fall on the Prairies…Almost Wordless Wednesday

Hi Everyone, and welcome back! I have been busy finishing up loose ends on the Ebook, checking to see how many votes we have for the Grain Mill Wagon Challenge (have you voted yet? Click here!), and doing a lot of other fall-ish things. I wanted to quickly send you a post celebrating October here [...]

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Thankful Thursday—the cooler weather has arrived….

Good Morning! Honestly, it is kinda like a rodeo around here some days, what with roping the twins as you would a calf, running from place to place like when you ride barrels, and the crazy, fun exciting atmosphere. I told my mom a few minutes ago that for once I feel like I dont [...]

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