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Celebrating 20 years together….

Its finally come. A day that Kurt and I prayed for, and yet sometimes wondered if we would ever reach. 20 years together. This was us in 1997, just two young kids with NO idea what life was going to throw at us in the next 5 years....the loss of our first child less than [...]

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When you Marry a man with a Homesteading Heart….

Ok Welcoming House readers, brace yourself. I am going go tell you exactly what might happen if you decide you are going to marry a man, or woman, with a homesteading heart. Now, to be fair, you might look at the two of us and wonder which one of us had more dreams to run [...]

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WW3 and April 1st….

Its here. April 1st. and WW3. No kidding. You see, in our house, an ongoing war rages every year on this day between this innocent face.... and this innocent (enough) face. Two years ago an enthusiastic 13 year old who had just heard of April Fools' Day pulled a fabulous trick on her father....and started [...]

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Back to A “New” Normal…

What a crazy six months it has been around here. When I look at everything we were going through around Christmas time, and then again through the months of January - June, I just have to shake my head and be very very thankful that we are on the upswing of such a long year [...]

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How a Man Makes a Home……A Handy Hubby Perspective

You get a real treat this morning. The Handy Hubby, in all his awesome glory, is volunteering to share his perspective on how a man makes a home......and how important he is in the whole process. Of course, being a woman, I could come up with a zillion ways, but to have this moment in [...]

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Blooming, and Planting, and Writing….oh my!!!!

Good morning everyone! Its been a crazy weekend around here as we went from the second day of Spring full blast into summer. *sigh* Today is supposed to be in the mid 90's temperature wise, and I turned to my Handy Hubby yesterday and said: "First I felt like the world needed to wake up [...]

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Spring Fling with Papa Burgers…..

Yesterday was the first glimpse we had of a breath of Spring. Water running from the roof, dripping on the steps. Our first taste of warm air kissing the snow, melting it away from the driveway. Birds singing and the sound of liquid Spring everywhere we turned. So how did we celebrate? We made Papa [...]

Almost Wordless Wednesday—Celebrating 15 years of Blessings….

I have been looking forward to this post since Saturday, when all this wonderful stuff happened to me. I always thought when we celebrated our 15th wedding anniverary we would be somewhere on a cruise, sipping champagne, and somehow, blissfully unaware that while we were sailing the ocean blue, someone else was watching our children, [...]

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Man Cave Monday: I promised……….Baking Bread Outside

Do you see this man? Yes. You are laying eyes on the Handy Hubby who is forever immortalized in my blog posts about all the happenings around the Welcoming House. Give him a project, and he can do it. In short order. And it is always well done, thought through, and even if he has [...]



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