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Harvesting Sunflowers for Snacking

I always get lots of questions from folks about why we grow so many sunflowers. There are lots of reasons, but two of the biggest are: Its a lot of reward for a little effort, and the results are VERY tasty. :D This year we grew giant sunflowers from an heirloom seed, and even I, [...]

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Tasty Tuesday—-Two pies you HAVE TO HAVE for your Thanksgiving Celebration!

Good morning! I am pleased to report that I have been blessed and my hand is healing quite quickly. I still have some seriously wonderful guest posters for you over the next week, and know you will welcome them with open arms, but today it is my turn to share with you some of the [...]

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How Crabapples Can Make THE BEST Apple Juice and Jelly …Waste Not, Want Not!

Crab apples have become our entertainment around here,  and a huge new favorite. And since it is: We want to share with you how amazing, how richly colored, and how incredibly delicious  this tart little apple makes so many things. At first glance, it does not even seem like the time spent on it would [...]

Simply a Snap Applesauce!

Ah, September..... Arguably my very favorite month of the year. September means the leaves begin to change.... the harvest begins to stack up in beautiful jars in the pantry.... I can sit on the deck with a steaming cup of coffee and a long sleeve shirt.... the rows of corn grow pale and golden across [...]

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Tasty Tuesday–Another fantastic Fall recipe, and a Great Big THANK YOU.

How can I ever thank you? I mean, really?? Your response to my new book yesterday just brought me straight to my knees, thanking God that I am blessed to be able to do this. Able to blog while my twins are throwing the ball across my lap, or in front of my view... Thankful [...]

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