17 years…bringing me to tears…

I write this with tears streaming down my face. Happy tears, lest you worry something bad happened and immediately want to read further to find out what. Actually happy tears because I never, ever, thought we would get here. My sweet, sacrificial, lion-hearted, gentle-and-strong spirited oldest daughter, Annalise, turns 17 today. And for those of [...]

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Happy Monday, I mean Tuesday, I mean…WHAT day is it?

Good morning everyone! If you chuckled over the title of today's post, then I succeeded. I don't know about how YOUR week is going, but I am quite sure that I skipped right past Friday, skimmed through Saturday and Sunday, hardly blinked on Monday, and now find myself trying to pull everything together and look professional [...]

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When Mother’s Day Hurts to Celebrate….

Good morning, everyone. I feel compelled to write this post this year, perhaps because I have grown more comfortable with being transparent with my readers, perhaps because as I grow up a little more I realize that keeping silent about personal pain does nothing to reach someone else who is walking through it at the [...]

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