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Since my stroke in May of this year, I have found I tire easily and yet, that has led to some very creative ways of doing things. Many years ago, growing in the Grand Valley of Colorado, I remember how easily so many things were made of peaches. Peach jam Peach salsa. Peach topping. I [...]

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How Crabapples Can Make THE BEST Apple Juice and Jelly …Waste Not, Want Not!

Crab apples have become our entertainment around here,  and a huge new favorite. And since it is: We want to share with you how amazing, how richly colored, and how incredibly delicious  this tart little apple makes so many things. At first glance, it does not even seem like the time spent on it would [...]

Strawberry Jam is KINDA close to Heaven……….

Good morning Everyone! With a very busy day ahead I only have a few minutes to post this morning! I wanted to let you know that all over the nation, and in many stores, Strawberries are showing up! I honestly love love love homemade strawberry jam. Next to homemade salsa, it is the next best [...]

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