Facing Your Giants—Never say “Can’t” (part Two)

Good Morning, everyone. I wanted to continue the story for the many of you who are waiting to hear how everything went. I want you to understand that this whole process is highly emotional for us, as her parents. No parent likes to see their child suffer, or go through pain. No parent likes to [...]

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Facing Your Giants……..Part One: Our Shining Light in the Darkness of Life…

Good morning. This morning I can not believe that I am sitting here, in my own dining room, typing out this post to be shared with so many of you. At the very least I expected to be trying to figure out how to post updates via my phone from a different location while we [...]

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The Miracle of “But, She DID……..”

I know today is our regular Tuesday, or at least to you who don't live in the real Welcoming House,  it is a normal Tuesday. But for all of us here, today is the day we celebrate the miracle in our house that walks, talks, breathes, giggles, and pretty much brings a world of sunshine [...]



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