Loving the Little Things…

Late Summer has come with all its rush to abundance. Days are long and filled with sunlight. And also filled with work. Its that time of year where everything is rushing to be finished and completed before the cold months return and wipe their efforts away for another long winter. Day to day the girls [...]

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Let It Begin…..First Day of School!

I laugh daily at the posts I am seeing on social media from  friends, showing them like this.. or this.... or even this.... when their kids head off to school. (If you're the mamma in the last pic, wow, man, you have my sympathies...) Some people get all worked up about those pics, and harp [...]

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And then they turned SIX…….

You know, its funny when I look back. For some reason when we brought these adorable beautiful, curly headed Littles home I never envisioned them finally growing up and deciding it was time to lose teeth and learn to read, to be able to ride a bike without training wheels, or jump rope with each [...]

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Choose to Dance…

I have long desired to make sure that my children grow up with a positive, encouraging attitude, and remember that even when things get tough, family not only sticks together, but makes the best of it. :D So in our family, we have a strange, but VERY fun tradition. :D We turn the kitchen into [...]

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Choosing Thankfulness….

It is November. And what does that mean around here? For us, as a family, we devote a few minutes each day to talking about the many things that we are thankful for in our lives. I strongly believe that teaching your children to find the extraordinary in the every day things fosters a spirit [...]

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Back to A “New” Normal…

What a crazy six months it has been around here. When I look at everything we were going through around Christmas time, and then again through the months of January - June, I just have to shake my head and be very very thankful that we are on the upswing of such a long year [...]

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A Simple, Sweet Sunday Post………Meet Kodie

For many of you wondering why in the world you are getting updates from The Welcoming House on Sundays, a first for me, it is because I have accepted a challenge this month to post every single day of the month. While it has been challenging for me as a blogger and writer, and I [...]

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When Spring Whispers into Minnesota…………

Good morning everyone!   For a light hearted change from the last couple posts, I am going to woo you with adorable pictures of kittens, and baby bunnies. Prepare for cuteness. This is Spring on The Welcoming House Homestead. Blessings to you and yours, Heather ***********Mamma Bunny (Nutmeg) and her adorable kits******** its amazing how [...]

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Almost Wordless Wednesday–The Holiday’s Gentle Memories…

Today I wanted to just give you a glimpse of our holiday pictures, simple, and sweet. Not professional, just precious to us, and hopefully, to warm your heart. :) Enjoy. Many Blessings to you and yours, Heather FINALLY--a pic of the Handy Hubby's amazing Not-So Secret Recipe on the Turkey!! The table set for Thanksgiving--lots [...]

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