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Why Canning is Something We Do Year Round….

Its Friday, you all, and if you have been a part of our community for ANY length of time, then you know that we often do Fabulously Frugal Friday posts on Fridays throughout the year! Welcome to today's! I want to talk about why Canning, in any form, is a skill you should learn and [...]

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5 Meals you can Heat and Eat….Make it Yourself Monday….

Happy Make-It-Yourself-Monday Morning  to ya! I had a busy weekend trying to potty train two Littles and that took up a majority of my time, instead of being able to blog, so I just relied on your generosity to wait for me to get my ducks in a row on the Meals in a Jar [...]

Tasty Tuesday–A Ten Minute Meal with Home-Canned Goodness

Good morning, everyone!  After a short siesta this weekend and yesterday to take care of some family business, we are back on track with posts this week! Today is a shorty, but a goody!    I wanted to show you how taking a little time to put foods up, such as pressure canning beef, potatoes [...]

Tasty Tuesdays– Two More “Meal in a Jar” recipes for You!

    This will be my "almost" last post for the week, which makes me sad since I really enjoy writing and sharing new things with you each week. AS many of you know, tomorrow begins the time with family as we are up and away in the Twin Cities saying goodbye to our Grandmother's [...]

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Canning More than the Cat: Recipes to Use Your Pressure Canned Meat in:

Well, we finally did it. We made it through the pressure canning meat mini-series this week, and had a ball doing it. What did you can up that you had never canned before? Did you read through the comments as I had so many people ask questions on how to do different items? Did you [...]

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“Canning everything but the Cat”– How to Pressure Can Chicken and Turkey……

So how did you do yesterday? I want to encourage you, if you have not read yesterday's post on how to pressure can beef of different types, or the basics on pressure canning, PLEASE head over there and check it out by clicking HERE FOR DAY ONE. Today we are going to talk about how [...]

“Canning Everything But the Cat”—a pictorial HOW TO on How to Can Beef in a Pressure Canner!

Good morning everyone! As you can see, The Welcoming House's devoted pet is just fine this morning. She is curled up in her favorite chair (which would, of course, be the only antique chair in the house), purring away and deftly avoiding the handling of the two two-year-olds in the house when necessity calls for [...]

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Canning Everything But the Cat—a mini-series on Canning Meat for Frugality and Convenience…

  Well, I promised you I would do it, and so here I am! Despite the pleading of one dear particular friend who for some reason is determined to see me do a video, I am here today, blogging, to set before you a week of learning how to do one of the easiest things [...]



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