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“Through Their Eyes”—Live Love and Learn Through Disaster–Day Two of Guest Poster, Freda Bradley

  I hope you are sharing this series, folks. People are talking about it, all over the Web, and I can tell that by the enormous number of hits the last four days, that people are looking for ideas, encouragement, personal stories......  They are scared and looking for answers, ideas, and direction.    The news [...]

“Through Their Eyes”–Live, Love, and Learn through Disaster…A Guest Post by Freda Blake Bradley

  Today and tomorrow we are wrapping up our mini-series with a pointed personal account written by a friend who lived through the experience of the Derecho storms that ravaged her home state of West Virginia. She is a "prepper" at heart, and by experience, having seen and lived through much already...."prepper" being the term [...]

“Through Their Eyes”—Its time to Listen and Learn from the Real People Going through Tough Times

   In getting ready to do this short series, I had a simple plan. I wanted to hear from real people, who were facing some of the things we have heard about on the news (or not heard about on the news) in their daily lives.     Every day, as I converse with friends [...]



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