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How a Man Makes a Home……A Handy Hubby Perspective

You get a real treat this morning. The Handy Hubby, in all his awesome glory, is volunteering to share his perspective on how a man makes a home......and how important he is in the whole process. Of course, being a woman, I could come up with a zillion ways, but to have this moment in [...]

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Pulling Up The Weeds–reposting

I have had so many of you ask to read this posting that was mentioned  on the radio program a couple weeks ago--- This is one of the writings that I did when this was a personal family blog, and the message still hits home, even today. I just asked my daughter, who is now [...]

Almost Wordless Wednesday—-Life at The Welcoming House This Week……

Happy Wednesday to you, dear readers!!! This is the last post this week due to the funeral. Thank you all so much for your kind words and emails. It is nice to know that there are many of you who have such big hearts...and that many of you have been through something such as this [...]

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