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Oatmeal Apple Pie Whoopie Pies…Simple Saturday Pleasures..

Good morning to you! As fall begins to sink in, with leaves floating off the trees, and the cornstalks growing pale in the late summer sun,  our minds turn to crisper temps, warmer clothes,  and all things sweet and tasty.   These new whoopies made from healthy whole wheat and oatmeal dough, and stuffed with [...]

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Simple Saturday Pleasures—Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls (with endless variations)

Good morning to you! After a long evening at the fair with my totally awesome kids and husband, where I got to try my first funnel cake EVER, and watch an amazing rodeo... I am glad to be home this morning, kicking up in my jammies, and eating an Apple Pie Cinnamon Roll.   If [...]

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Old Fashioned Donuts…A Special treat for Tasty Tuesday…

Go ahead. Drool. That is exactly what we did as we mixed up this batter, rolled it out,  cut it and then slowly dropped them one by one into the hot oil and watched them bubble. Treats are special things around here, and there is such a peacefulness about working together as a family to [...]

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Gingerbread Sweet Rolls with Maple Icing……

Hi there, Welcoming House Readers! And a great big hello to the readers from the Grain Mill Wagon as well! I am excited to bring you my fourth recipe for the Grain Mill Wagon Challenge.......something that smells amazing when baking, makes your mouth water when you pull it out, and sends you running back to [...]

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