Snow snow go away……….Meal Plan Monday………..

Oy, what a weekend we had around here. As we were digging out from under this: I was anxiously watching this and this in the hopes that one of them would get serious, stop tormenting me with late due dates, and pop out either some baby rabbits, or kittens. *sigh* But, just as Murphy's Law [...]

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When Spring Whispers into Minnesota…………

Good morning everyone!   For a light hearted change from the last couple posts, I am going to woo you with adorable pictures of kittens, and baby bunnies. Prepare for cuteness. This is Spring on The Welcoming House Homestead. Blessings to you and yours, Heather ***********Mamma Bunny (Nutmeg) and her adorable kits******** its amazing how [...]

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