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Is the WonderMill Wonderful, or……not? A review between the WonderMill and the Nutrimill….

Good morning everyone! As promised a couple weeks ago, I am doing a review today on the differences and similarities between a Nutrimill and a WonderMill, both of which I have been blessed with in the last couple of years. I feel that between the Grain Mill Wagon Challenge, and steady use of the WonderMill [...]

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Overwhelmed with Gratitude, Day 16—and The Welcoming House Farmer Rolls Recipe…

God's timing is always perfect, right? I am living in that this morning. I am also living in the thought of how we can bless others with everything we have, material possession, our prayers, kind words, encouragement. We never know what a person needs until the Lord prompts us to do it, right? Such as [...]



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